The brothers, R. M. Agarwal and P. M. Agarwal, from a humble beginning, scripted the story of the GLORIA in 1996 at Pune. Two decades later, headquartered at Pune, it has grown into a pulsating institution with manufacturing setups at ,Pune, Lucknow, Jamshedpur, Dharwad and Bhuj.

Inspired and motivated by the benevolent ideals of the legendary JRD and obsessed with an incorrigible and irrepressible passion to create a world class industrial edifice, R. M. Agarwal along with his brother P. M. Agarwal set about meticulously crafting the present-day GLORIA GROUP brick by brick.

Toughened by the early trials and tribulations and propelled by nothing-is-impossible spirit of the Agarwal brothers, GLORIA has now blossomed into a pulsating and throbbing global engineering institution in automotive components and systems and farm equipment aggregates.

GLORIA now boasts of manufacturing facilities in Five different locations in India with around 6 lac square feet of work space. Latest technologies and human resources are working together around the world passionately to create an enduring institution.

Founder and Chairman Mr. R. M. Agarwal, Co-Founder and Managing Director Mr. P. M. Agarwal and Joint Managing Director Mr. A. M. Agarwal, Mr S. M. Agarwal and A. S. Agarwal now spearhead GLORIA GROUP.

GLORIA more than being a successful first generation business enterprise, is a throbbing and passionate story of its people, values and indomitable spirit of faith and innovation. It is the story of an ever-growing vibrant family that is founded on ethics, anchored on humanism, energized by passion, driven by the spirit of excellence and above all is in quest for immortality.

GLORIA is a fast growing global engineering organization with business interest ranging from design to manufacturing of aggregates and systems related to commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and farm equipment.


Mr.Uday Nayakwadi

Corporate Quality Head

Mr.Sandip Bhagwat

GM Operation

Mr. S. S. Rao

Finance Head

Mr. Deepak Verma

Plant Head Unit 4 (Pune)

Mr. B R Chavan

Costing Head

Mr.Prakash Sharma

Plant Head (LKO)

Mr. Ashish Matto

Plant Head Unit 2 (Pune)

Mr. Satyawan Bhadange

Quality Head Unit 4 ( Pune )

Mr. Vinod Kushwaha

Quality Head ( LKO )

Mr. Vivek Mishra

Head SCM( UKD )

Mr.Basavraj Arjun

Plant Head Unit 1 (Pune)

Mr. Amol Mistry

Plant Head Unit 3 (Pune)

Mr. Narendra Pattidar

Plant Head (JSR)

Mr. Prashant Bhosale

Quality Head Unit 1 ( Pune )

Mr. Jitendra Patil

Quality Head Unit 2 ( Pune )

Mr. Onkar Pandit


Mr.Santosh Kumar

HR Executive

Mr.Rushikesh Wani

HR Executive